Newsletter #25

Apps and more apps!

While I don't consider myself to be a "tech junky," I have to admit that I am LOVING lots of benefits that come from technology!  I will never forget the luxury that cell phones gave musicians who were subbing on Broadway.  In the 90's I would sometimes WAIT in my apt until 7PM in case I got called last minute to play Miss Saigon because I didn't want to miss the gig.  Yes, trust me there were definitely times where I would leave my apt at 7PM only to miss the phone call that came in at 7:03, but once cell phones came along I could be FREE to be anywhere and STILL get the call and play the show!  YAY!

Now I am loving the all the freedom and perks that come with smart phones/ipads etc.......  For instance I received an email about a week ago and it mentioned an app called Do As One.  This app is a conscious breathing app AND you can choose what intention you want to breathe into your life, what sound you want to hear (I usually pick a crystal sound bowl), the color you want to see, and the amount of time you want to breathe.  Once you enter the "breathing room" you will show up on their map and you can actually see who you are breathing with (I have breathed with people from Toronto, FL, TX, CA, Mexico and France and more) and when you are done it mentions how the world is a better place -- love that!  I LOVE feeling like I am part of a group that is breathing in sync healing ourselves and the planet, and I LOVE supporting companies/people who create products that make the world a better place!  WIN WIN!

I had so much fun with this breathing app that I started searching other apps and I got a meditation app, and a yoga app and I LOVE them all a lot.  I feel like I have my own personal coach guiding me along the way and I totally look forward to doing them all daily as they put me in such a great space!  

I am not going to recommend other apps because I tried out several meditation apps and the one by a "famous person" which is GREAT in SO many ways, drove me crazy because I didn't resonant with that person's voice.  These things are clearly personal so I simply invite you to explore some empowering apps and you will know what is best for you.

Of course the electronic pollution from these products is not healthy for anyone's body so perhaps next week I will write about the importance of protecting yourself with zero-point technology or you can check out the book Zapped if you want a head start!

At any rate, protect yourself from your iPad/cell phone as much as you can, AND totally enjoy the many perks from them which include awesome healing perks!  I LOVE how we can turn our iPads into whatever we desire!