Newsletter #23 Oct 25, 2015


Enhanced Frequencies = Transformation!

While that is totally true, its not what EFT really stands for, I simply thought it was an awesome thing to write!

OK -- down to business!

I just finished playing Monopoly with Bob and I said "hmmm, I have no idea what I am going to write about today".  So I muscle checked if I could get an idea from a book and I got a "yes."  YAY!  After muscle checking what floor the book was on and what bookshelf contained the book and which book was the one I needed, and finally which page I needed to read,  the first sentence I read on "THE" page mentioned EFT!  "Bingo" I thought to myself as I have done LOTS with EFT lately, but hadn't yet written about it to my surprise.  Even in my last session with Jill (my healer and teacher),  I said "I am getting that I need to do EFT with rose oil to release X" and after I did EFT she said "OMG, I need to learn EFT as I can see how powerful this is."

EFT actually stands for Emotional Freedom Technique and many also call it "tapping," as we are tapping our fingers gently over various meridian points on our body.  You can find LOTS of info about it on  Its getting very popular so I am sure most of you already know about it, but if not -- I definitely want to share it with you.  The last circle I did in NYC while visiting 3 weeks ago was 100% EFT with essential oils for even more benefits, but if you don't have the oils -- no worries - EFT is still very effective on its own.

Long story short, you can do LOTS with EFT such as eliminate pain, clear negative thoughts and emotions, limiting beliefs and patterns that are not serving you, and of course when we do this, we are shifting our resonance in huge ways and raising our frequency.  EFT works on the premise that what we resist -- persists.  So if we deny that we have "anger" or "hatred" or "x", we are not free from that anger, hatred or X. We are simply burying it where it can manifest into future health problems.  EFT also allows those "X" parts of you to voice their feelings and when we do -- they can finally feel heard and are then free to leave our body!  YAY!  

As you know I LOVE using many modalities as there is no one "thing" that does it all. For instance, while I normally have crazy powerful breath sessions, there was one day when I was having a private session and my body was unwilling to "go there" and get activated.  Long story short -- I had to do EFT to clear unconscious levels of fear and betrayal that were preventing me from getting activated.  After I did the EFT, my next session was once again, "big" and powerful.  Nick Ortner (from recently emailed his list about a girl who couldn't speak after having a seizure or stroke (I can't remember).  Long story short,  after tapping on the various meridian points while giving voice to her fears and concerns and tapping them out and then tapping in positive affirmations such as "I can speak my truth" or whatever he said, she was speaking within minutes.  So there are a million things you can use this for.  

Clearly I can't go into all the details on a short newsletter so please google EFT and check it out!  Its easy, simple and EVERYONE can do it and benefit from it in huge ways.  Its a very gentle, compassionate yet powerful approach.