Newsletter #22

Green = more light!!!

As you all know I am 100% passionate about raising my frequency as much as I can so that I can live my life at its highest potential, and I feel equally passionate about supporting the shift in frequency in as many people as possible so that we all support Earth and ourselves shift to life on a 5th dimensional Earth.

This is why I am such a "junkie" with all that I do from using my essential oils, to attending breath circles and working with healers they all compliment each other in huge powerful ways.

The first woman who I studied energy work with about ten years ago was Judy Satori, and she wrote a great book called Sunshine before the Dawn which is all channelled information she received from Spirit.  Since we JUST experienced huge downloads of frequencies this past September, I thought it would be great to let you know about this book since it is explaining what is going on now.  Its a fun, wild read. Some will only see it as science fiction, but its really truth.

Long story short -- once upon a time, Earth was a 5th dimensional planet named Tara (nice name), and now finally after MANY MANY years she (and all of us) are about to reclaim our 5th dimensional reality which will feel like paradise compared to the heavy dense 3rd dimensional reality that we currently know.  The book explains this with MUCH more detail if you are curious to know more than I can write in a newsletter.  

Judy Satori offers lots of activations on her website ( to help support us raise our frequencies to that of the 5th dimension.  I am currently doing one of her programs, and she mentioned how important it was for us to drink liquid chlorophyll in our water so that we are able to receive light in the highest way as we are all moving closer and closer to being light bodies with this shift in dimension.  (I go into light in more detail on newsletter #12 on my blog at

Even if you are not doing her energetic program,  drinking chlorophyll has lots of benefits such as what I got off the web down below!  I have to say that when I drink mine I feel like I am drinking the green elixir from the Broadway show Wicked which makes me happy!  ha ha!

"In addition to chronic disease prevention chlorophyll has been credited with:

  • Building our blood and cells
  • Cleansing our body internally
  • Blocking the DNA changes brought about by carcinogens
  • Healing damaged tissue
  • Reducing the effects of radiation exposure
  • Eliminating bacteria/ good bacteria production
  • Assisting in the healing of wounds
  • Promoting the excretion of toxins
  • Facilitating good bowel movements
  • Increasing the detoxifying effects of the liver"

Feel free to check out Judy Satori and her work, or at least enhance your vibration and your health with the help of liquid chlorophyll which you can easily find at Whole Foods or any health food store!