Newsletter #21 Sept 27, 2015

The Magic of Decluttering!

As most of you know I have been spending 90% of my summer decluttering our MA home, creating my veggie garden and weeding outside.  Its been awesome and a lot of work, but it does feel great to feel the shift in energy!

My friend, Ginette, recently told me how powerful the book "The life-changing magic of tidying up" was for her, so I instantly downloaded it via ibooks AND ordered another one for Bob and Alfie,  a friend of mine in NYC.  Ironically, when I connected with Alfie to give him this book as we caught up, he told me he had JUST bought it two days prior.  Talk about the Universe speaking!

Marie Kondo, the author of this book has many unique ideas.  For instance, instead of doing one room or area at a time she has you first start with decluttering your clothes in EVERY room and corner of the house.  You are ONLY choosing to keep what truly feels GREAT on you even if you only wore it once!  Not all things are meant to bring you joy long term and that's OK!  There is no shame in "wasting" it! Simply thank it for giving you joy when you bought it and give it to someone who it will bring joy!  Then you move onto books, papers etc......Its about category rather than room which I believe is a new concept for most.

She has an easy, simple, exciting approach and the cool thing is that when people actually do this -- their homes STAY this way!  She talks about the energetic effect this process will have on you and how people's lives have changed immensely.

I normally declutter my clothes regularly, but I have to admit that I let go of things that I hadn't been able to let go of before, because I still LOVED certain clothes even though they no longer looked good on me.  When I arrived in NYC I got rid of one more bag of clothes here, and it felt great and exciting!

She says all in all it is approximately a six month process to do, but that when you really do it -- its done for good!  Lets be honest and realize that many people think about decluttering for years and never do it, so six months is awesome, and people keep their homes looking and feeling high frequency.  Woo hoo!  She has NO repeat students!  Its not necessary when they all experience success!  So go for it, get the book and change your life!

I can't wait to experience my finished home!