Newsletter #60

Just Go For It!

I recently attended an event by David Bayer down in Orlando and as you can see down below, I met an incredible soul named Abbey Randall.  She inspired me to make her part of this newsletter because I totally resonated with her passionate energy, AND I also thought that others who are currently in a difficult space of struggle and/or feeling "stuck" could benefit lots from her wise words!

So please send a warm welcome to Abbey Randall!
Click down below to hear all that she has to share.

Since Abbey mentioned her GoFundMe post which I didn't even know she had, I figured I would include that in this email as well in case you would like to be part of more "magic" showing up in her life.

I also would like to add in my two cents.  All I can say is that the most daring decisions I have made have always been the BEST decisions I ever made, and the awesome thing is that when you make those bold decisions, THAT is when the Universe totally meets you in your boldness and "stuff" happens!  GREAT stuff!  I am SO grateful that I didn't listen to others who tried to convince me that doing something "safe and normal" was the smart way to go.   Listen to your heart!  THAT comes from a much higher place!   I could have missed out on life SO much had I listened to others who were speaking based in fear, and to live with that kind of regret would be SO painful!

So if you feel like doing something you LOVE for a living -- GO for it!  If you feel like approaching a stranger for no "real" reason -- GO for it.  Anytime you are feeling that divine inspiration in your heart -- know that it is ALWAYS bigger than you and that you are not only robbing yourself if you ignore it but others as well! 

AND, if others around you are not supportive of your dreams -- LET them GO!  Your environment has a HUGE impact on your life and when you are free to live your dreams AND are supported with a cheerleading squad -- there is power in that!  Aim for THAT and let go of what is not THAT!

Hope that Abbey touched your heart as much as she touched mine!  We need MORE Abbey's who are willing to step up to the plate and land beyond the sky!

Thank you Abbey!  Forever Grateful!

Newsletter #58

Buckets of Light!

Little did I know I would be creating a newsletter called Buckets of Light but I guess that is what the Universe wanted since it came out of my mouth as you will see in the video down below!

Everything is in the video down below but bottom line:

1)  Choose where you want to go with CRYSTAL clear clarity!
2)  When you make a decision and you are in alignment with it -- the world of magic shows up and this is available to all of us.  We simply need to do OUR part.
3)  Most people make their decisions based in fear.  They think they are being smart by playing it safe, but playing small is never smart and it blocks the magic from showing up.  Focus on where you have chosen to go and make your bold, empowered decisions based on THAT!  The Universe responds to THAT!
4)  When you have the frequency of gratitude and belief, you are unstoppable.  In other words, let go of victim mode and complaining IF you choose to step into your power.

Click down below to receive a bucket of light being poured on you!

Hope that video inspired you!!!

If you want to know more about the oils and how to use them to support you living in a paradigm of grace and ease, please reply to this email or check out:

Congrats on making clear empowering decisions of where you are going and congrats for taking hold of the steering wheel of your life.  You can't control everything that takes place in your life, but you 100% can control how you respond to what life gives you because the real truth is that it is all there to serve you!

Wishing you magical results in 2018!  These oils brought the magic into my life more than anything in my 48 yrs!  I can't recommend them enough!

Newsletter #57

Following the fire in your heart WITH Trust!

Surprise, surprise -- my newsletters are back!  

I took a break from writing my newsletters as I was creating my online program called "Breaking Through Your Inner Glass Ceilings" and now that I created a NEW vision for the program and am almost starting from scratch, I decided to go back to writing my newsletters.  One of the perks of creating my online program is that I now know how to make videos which I can now include in my newsletters.  Yay!  I will be moving forward with my newsletters whenever I feel inspired to write them.  That would be once or even three times a month! 

I have been doing various transformational circles in MA and NH and a common theme that I have seen recently is people being stuck in a job they are afraid to leave (due to $) or they have HUGE desire and passion in their heart to do something creative, but they have fear and worry that their passion won't be able to pay the bills in an easy way.

I can write and tell you many truths, but than that information would be sitting on the mental level only with very little power.  In order for you to truly resonate with something so that it has power and makes a difference in your life you NEED to be resonant with it on a cellular level.  I can't stress the power of cellular resonance enough.  THAT is why I LOVE working with essential oils.  They work with your intention on a cellular level AND they also have divine intelligence as the oil IS the life force of the plant IF you are using high quality oils.  To learn more about high quality essential oils, you can click down below.


I will list what in my opinion are "Divine Truths" that are hard for many to accept as true.

1)  The passion you feel in your heart is coming from a MUCH higher place.  Source WANTS you to pursue this passion you are feeling.  It is there for a reason!

2)  When you commit to yourself and your passion and go for it 100% -- the Universe goes overboard to support you manifesting your dreams for yourself (and most likely the planet).

3)  The more inspiration (in other words -- with spirit) and joy you feel in what you do, the more opportunities you create for yourself as you become a magnet for blessings of the Universe.

4)  The more you can let go of needing a "certain" plan and simply trust the Universe to figure out the "how" -- the more synchronicity and "magic" will show up in your life!

There are many who feel that they don't have a passion in their heart.  This is most likely because it has been buried due to not having permission from the tribe to follow it and it would be too painful to be aware of it and/or fear.

To get these truths in your body on a cellular level please click on the video down below.

You don't have to have oils to receive benefits from this video, but yes, they do add MANY benefits on many levels.

This video is intended to support you shifting to a paradigm of trust in yourself and the Universe.  Hopefully, you will feel lighter after releasing what is not serving you, but if you find it is bringing up too much "stuff", please take personal responsibility for yourself and stop the video and work with someone who can hold space for you.  I am not expecting that to happen, but anything is possible.


Newsletter #56

Breaking Through your Inner Glass Ceilings!

Today's newsletter will be quite different in that I am letting you know that I will be discontinuing my bi-weekly newsletters as I am very busy creating my future 8 week online course, "Breaking Through Your Inner Glass Ceilings."  

I might send out a random newsletter if I feel inspired to share something, but for now, it will be on hold so I can focus my energy on where I am going with this empowering program.

I technically already started this program with some "beta-testers" so that I can work out the kinks out of town before going to Broadway - ha!  However, if anyone is interested in being a beta-tester -- please let me know and I will give you more details!  The skinny is that you will learn how to transform your unconscious limiting beliefs, patterns and programs so that you ARE resonant for well being in all areas of your life which supports you living at your fullest expression.

Newsletter #55

Open Ended Questions!

I LOVE open ended questions!!!  I honestly didn't even know what an open ended question was until I went to a Matrix Energetics Seminar a couple of years ago.  I can't talk about Matrix Energetics in a newsletter but I can talk about an open ended question.  

Basically, an open ended question is a question that you can't answer -- or better yet -- your left brain can't answer.  Therefore, the question instantly gets sent to your right brain which is AWESOME because your right brain is the land of limitless possibilities and what many call miracles.

You can use them for ANYTHING!  Seriously -- anything from shifting a headache to buying a car to creating a peaceful travel situation.

The catch is that you DON'T want to answer it because answering it would be going back into your left brain which will come up with a limited answer and then create that limited particle reality since you JUST collapsed the wave form with that thought. An open ended question opens up the wave curve so that it can land in a million different places.  Yes, this is definitely bordering on Quantum Physics, but it's all groovy stuff.

I honestly think that I use them several times every day.  It's just part of my vocabulary these days and I know that I HAVE used them in many newsletters before without explaining the real power behind them.

For instance -- if you were to have a headache (or ANY physical condition) you could ask "What would it feel like if my headache had all of it's needs met and all of it's messages to me were heard, acknowledged and validated?"  Do NOT be surprised if your headache goes away!  Here is another example, "What would it look like if I attracted the BEST person to cut my hair and s/he was super creative and had a party with my hair?"  Or here is one of my favorites that I experienced, "What would it look like if this moth (with a torn wing) was taken back in time before it met this cat?" Don't be surprised if it jumps into that paradigm and flies away!  OK, I was surprised when that happened, but my point is that SO much more than we can imagine IS possible!  So don't buy into the many limiting beliefs that are fed to us!

Recently I crossed paths with someone who understandably was experiencing some fear and person X totally started to go down a rabbit hole and create that particle reality.  I immediately saw what the person was in the midst of creating and said something like "why are you jumping to that possibility?  What would it look if yadda yadda yadda?"  Why not create THAT reality?

Less than 24 hours later, I got a text confirming what it DID look like.  Is that cool or cool?

So if you ever feel yourself spiraling down -- just put an open ended question out to the Universe and simply LET IT GO!  It CAN be that simple!

Go play with it and see what happens!!!  And if you want to see some REALLY REALLY cool stuff?  Go to a Matrix Energetics Seminar!  I am going to another one this weekend for 4 days and I am SO EXCITED if I can quote the Pointer Sisters!

Newsletter #54

Say YES to Divine Inspiration!

This month I feel like I have been riding a magic carpet.  I have been connecting with others in my new magical town and one things leads to another and it simply feels awesome and magical.

To give you one idea of what I am talking about, I had someone pick up my former Kangen Shower filter unit via since I no longer needed it.  She was wearing a Sweet Charity sweatshirt and I immediately started singing one of the songs from Sweet Charity.  She was impressed that I knew my Broadway and long story short -- she actually was Charity on Broadway decades ago.  Cool or cool?

She then invited me to attend the local HS production of Mary Poppins and I am telling you, this kid Eli was a triple thread -- amazing actor, dancer and singer!  He could be on Broadway now.  I was totally bitten by the Broadway bug.  I also noticed the orchestra that they had hired, and some musicians were rock solid and magical and well, their cellist was ........well,  I could only think -- they need ME! 

Since I was full of inspiration after watching this show, I was bold and went up to the conductor during intermission and told him that I did Broadway for 20 yrs and that if he could use a cellist in the future I would LOVE to play even though it was no longer my profession.  It turned out that he knew someone that I had done Radio City with and he was in fact on his way to NYC after this show to do a show with him in NYC! You can't make up these "coincidences!"  So he hired me to do a show in April -- YAY!

VERY recently I have been meeting LOTS of beautiful people/spirits in Concord and it keeps leading to more and more connections so this magic carpet ride is still in process and will probably last for many years to come, but it wouldn't have happened if I didn't say YES to attending a social event which brings me to where I am going in this newsletter.

If you are feeling this itch to leave your job so you can follow your heart and do something you truly love, or move to a different home where you can find peace, or you want to attend some program but you have doubts because it's too much money -- follow that divine inspiration that you are feeling in your gut and/or heart.  JUST say YES to it and trust that when you say yes, the magic carpet ride will show up.  It needs a YES from you first!

When we hold ourselves back and say "I don't want to go to that event because I won't know anyone" then you are saying "No Universe -- I don't want your help" and then you miss meeting the AMAZING connections that the Universe had set up for you so your life could be magical and flow with grace and ease and then you lose trust in the Universe because you have no "proof" that magical carpets exist.  

The Universe is always there for us, but yes, we have to do our part and say YES and show up and stop blocking all the magical connections/opportunities that it wants to bring to us.

Had I not had the guts to be bold and go up to the conductor -- I wouldn't be playing this show in April -- and who knows where that will also lead?  What people will I meet in April?

If I didn't attend a Concord social event because I am new in town and don't know anyone -- I would not have met some of the most amazing people in my life.  If I didn't go to a Sacred Breath Circle a year ago when I first moved to MA -- I NEVER would have met so many wonderful people in NH!  

It's like that joke with the person who is stranded at sea and they turn down the help of the helicopter and the Navy and etc all because the Universe is going to save them and the Universe says I sent you a helicopter, I sent you a navy boat etc.......just say YES!  Likewise -- that divine inspiration we feel or fire in our gut/heart is also from the Universe.

So let's intend in this month of Jan 2017 to start saying YES when we feel that "thing" in our heart or gut!  I know fear might come up as well as other emotions but is it really worth letting them block so much good in your life?  Tap and/or oil or breathe them out so that you can say YES with more EASE and experience LOTS of magic carpet rides.  They don't only exist on Broadway in Alladin!  They can be REAL!

Wishing magical carpet rides to all who choose to say YES to them!

Newsletter #53

Laugher Rocks!!!

Happy 2017!!!

Believe it or not -- this newsletter will not be on 2017 intentions!

It's going to be about baby hedgehogs!  Just kidding!

No seriously -- its going to be about kitties peeing in the tub and p%$#@ noses.

OK OK......

Today's newsletter is actually inspired by Denise who I met up here via the breath circles that I attend.  She absolutely makes me laugh SO hard.  I swear the last time I have laughed SO hard was back in the 90's when performed with my piano trio on a supposedly "amazing Steinway piano" which was really a tiny keyboard that went "ting," and every time it went "ting" I couldn't stop laughing!  Ugh -- it was horrible at the time when I couldn't keep it together and be professional, but now it is SOOOOO funny and I have gotten lots of mileage out of it. 

Laughing is SO crazy healthy for you.  It transforms and releases anger, it raises your vibration and someone even told me that they healed their cancer by watching nonstop comedy movies and laughing really hard most of the time.   

The funny thing about Denise is that she is not even trying to be funny but her personality is just SOOOOOO crazy funny.  I honestly think she is the funniest person I know. She makes me laugh crazy hard and I am SOOOO grateful for that gift because that is not something that many people can do.  It's HUGE and I honestly don't even think she knows how powerful her gift is.

So here are some videos that totally made me laugh.  I am not sure why wedding snafus make me laugh so much -- but they do!   

45 sec

1:37 min

I hope these made you laugh like crazy!  I sure did.

If you are feeling down, or feeling stressed -- try some humor to help shift things.

Newsletter #52


I honestly had no idea what I was going to write about today until I received an email from someone who is in a somewhat similar situation as someone else I know.  Both of these people were in situations where they knew they were not being treated as they deserved and it left them feeling horrible and like a victim.  As we all know, anytime someone is feeling like they are a victim, they have given away their power and then of course, they can only be upset with themselves for not standing up for themselves.

So.........bottom line -- this is all about integrity with ourself which is a W I D E topic ranging from honoring our word to ourself and others, speaking our truth rather than what we think others want or need to hear, honesty to ourself and others rather than making up excuses and much more, but we will focus on integrity in not settling for less than we deserve which honestly is connected to not honoring our word to ourself.

Any time we settle for less than we know we deserve out of fear, insecurity or something else, we are no longer in alignment nor integrity with ourself and we create a lack of harmony in our body, disturbing our immune system and more. Energetically, your body has to protect itself from itself (you) since you are not in alignment with yourself and gosh -- I am now wondering spontaneously if THIS is what creates all those auto-immune diseases where the body sees itself as the "invader."   I have no idea, but I feel like I just stumbled onto something huge by accident.  Interesting...........


Also, when we lose our integrity with ourselves by allowing ourselves to settle for less than we are worth we are sending VERY confusing messages to the Universe. How can we desire X and yet behave like Y to ourself and expect X to manifest?

How else can losing integrity with ourselves show up in our lives?  Do you honor your commitments to yourself and others?  Have you taken personal responsibility for your actions or have you created a "story" so that you don't have to see the real truth?    Are you appreciated at your job and paid your worth?  Is your relationship honoring you or suppressing you?  

A lot of people are afraid to stand up for themselves out of fear of  possibly losing their job or their partner or more.  Yes, its possible that your unfair boss my fire you or your partner may not be willing to support you and you might lose your current situation, but I always believe that in the end -- you WIN when you stand up for what you are worth since you will make room for that showing up in your life.  Just my opinion!

So go deep and really see if you are honoring yourself or if you are allowing yourself or others to devalue you in any way.  Stand up, speak up and shift whatever needs to be shifted so that you ARE in alignment and in integrity with yourself.  It might be interesting to see what ELSE shifts after that happens!

So if you are going to kiss a goat -- kiss it like you mean it and be 100% authentic in ALL that you do!  Your chakras will be happy with that combo!

Newsletter #51

Sarcasm in not cool.

This newsletter is the final newsletter on the seven deadly poisons (complaining, condemnation, criticism, revenge, resistance, resentment and lastly sarcasm).

Sarcasm is clearly not genuine nor loving and caring, yet actually sarcasm can be quite authentic in that many times people are expressing the truth that they feel they can't express unless disguised as a joke.  We honestly must be quite removed from our heart center in order to be sarcastic with a not so beautiful tone or intention. There can be LOTS of emotions underneath sarcasm such as resentment, anger and more.  Kim Giles says that those who use sarcasm are either afraid that they aren't good enough, or they are afraid they are going to lose something.  John Haiman says “Sarcasm is a survival technique for the insecure."

Bottom line sarcasm is a low frequency way to communicate with another and it sure can kill any type of relationship as it has such a toxic vibration.


If you are experiencing sarcasm, the best thing to do to shift their energy is to say something like "what happened to you to cause you to speak that way?"  You have suddenly taken the "power" away from their sarcastic joke or insecurity boost or you may actually get them to speak the REAL truth in a mature way rather than disguised in a joke.

Hopefully this will transform things to REAL heart felt communication between the two of you or perhaps it will create an opening for the person to express their hurt or unmet childhood needs in a healthy way.  Now if you catch yourself being sarcastic, notice what is really going on beneath the sarcasm.  Tap, breathe, essential oil it or dance all the root causes out so that you can be the divine being that you truly are AND create beautiful, supportive, harmonious relationships with others.

Newsletter #49

Resentment or Gratitude?

Once again I am returning to completing my newsletters on the 7 deadly poisons (complaining, criticism, condemnation, revenge, resentment, resistance and sarcasm).  

It's easy to feel resentment when things don't go our way or we see someone getting away with injustice (like in "Law and Order" and "Good Girls Revolt"), YET the empowering place to be in is gratitude.  We have all heard the higher truth where we get what is best for us although sometimes it's REALLY hard for us to grasp that at the moment.

When "crazy" things happen to me now that I could resent,  I am MUCH more able to look forward with an inner excitement which feels empowering because I KNOW things are going to get better for me somehow!  When you can shift that "OMG this sucks" feeling to "OMG I wonder where this is going to land" -- THAT is huge.  And when combined with gratitude you are impossible to stop.  Those frequencies are SO powerful to have in your cells.  I bet that it's safe to say that diseases can't exist in that environment.

To get personal with this, back in 2000 I was living in NYC in a studio apartment on the east side with a five floor walkup (not cello friendly) and my apt was ALWAYS full of smoke due to the chain smokers who lived in the building.  I was craving fresh clean air, but I felt there was nothing I could do about it so I resigned to the situation. 

However, the Universe was clearly not OK with me resigning and my apartment was broken into at 3AM one hot summer night when I left the sliding door open since I didn't have AC.  Luckily, people on the street saw the break in and called 911.  I TOTALLY resented the fact that my space was violated and that I no longer felt safe in my own home.

I would have to confess that back in 2000 I was not in the space of being grateful for this break in at the time but I TOTALLY was AFTER the blessing in disguise showed up!  The good news is that I did NOT go into victim mode which would have kept me stuck in a vibration of "it sucks to be me" if I can quote "Avenue Q" which NEVER benefits anyone.  I instead jumped into determination to find an apt on the upper west side near Central Park and long story short, I moved to W84th St near Central Park and then 8 years later another incident that I could have resented prompted me to move and sell my apt for close to triple what I paid for it RIGHT before the market crashed in 2008.  I moved to W86th St with only a couple of buildings between me and Central Park.  So let me tell you -- when they say to let go of resentment because you always get what's best for you, it IS true unless you get in your own way via victim mode or something else and block it. 

I love the Zen story which I don't have memorized perfectly where a man's son ends up with a broken leg.  When people said "I am sorry" to him, he responded with a neutral attitude and he refused to put a good or bad judgement on it.  Weeks later when the village members were recruited for war, his son was not accepted due to his broken leg.  I think you get the point!

If you ever catch yourself in a state of resentment which will happen because we ALL are human, try asking an open ended question which your left brain can't answer such as "How would my life shift if I knew that this is happening for my benefit?"  It will put you in a space where you will resonate with gratitude which will allow that blessing in disguise to make it's way to your lap with WAY more grace and ease.

Newsletter #48

External or Internal?

I want to take a break from my "7 poisons" that I have been working on as I had a beautiful experience with someone recently, and I would love to share that with you all.

Person X had heel pain for three months after walking on a beach and stepping on a seashell.  For whatever reason, X's body was resistant to healing X's "heal" or heel if we want to spell it correctly.  This light bulb went off for both of us at the same time as I was working with X's Whole Body Wisdom asking it to find the root causes that were preventing X's heel from healing.  

X immediately said something like "Maybe that's the message -- I need a lot of healing?"  We tapped on that insight via EFT and after a couple of rounds, X was trying to find the spot that was so painful before.  How cool is that?  X ended up finding a new spot that had some tenderness to it, but there was clearly a huge shift just with that one awareness.

Many people sadly see the Universe as totally random and would think that the pain only had to do with the damage that the shell inflicted upon X's heel.  Many will simply see it as an external force that sadly got in the way with X's heel during a nice time at the beach.   But clearly, if that is true, then X's heel pain wouldn't have gone away after X gained awareness of that message.  So in truth -- it seems safe to say that the Universe gave X that shell and heel pain as a gift and X finally unwrapped the gift as soon as X was going deep with it.

I wanted to take it even deeper because I was sure that there was more than one aspect to this situation.  So I said "OK -- you are walking along the beach and suddenly you step on a shell."  Instantly, X says "OMG, I am always having to walk on egg shells so that I don't ruffle other people's feathers."

Awesome!  Another piece of the wisdom puzzle.  Clearly, this is an issue of fear and having to play it small and safe.  Once again, we did our thing and the pain went down again. There could be MANY gifts/messages/opportunities connected with this "external" shell who inflicted pain upon my "innocent" friend.  We could transform the unconscious belief of "I am a victim" or "I have to punish myself for taking a day off" or "it's not OK to put myself first or take time for myself."  We could go a million places with this experience and go crazy deep with it, which I am sure X's heel, body and soul will love.  

We all picked up SO much ^%$# in our lives which is still alive in us on a cellular level (until we transform it), and this beautiful shell is simply a gift/reminder that we don't need to buy into these beliefs and programs and we CAN "heel" ourselves of these patterns that only limit our magnificence that we all have.

So for those of you who feel like you can't read the messages that the Universe is constantly giving us.  Try to see if there are any metaphors showing up in your life such as this story contains.  The Universe LOVES to play with metaphors!  Sign me up for metaphors!

Newsletter #47

Revenge or Heal and Move  on?

For those of you who are new to my newsletter, I want to back up so that we are all on the same page.  Several newsletters ago, I wrote about the "7 poisons" which are complaining, criticism, condemning others, revenge, resentment, resistance and sarcasm.  Clearly today we are going to talk about revenge and how forgiveness and detachment are much more serving to us all. 

I remember when I was in 6th grade, my sister who is a year plus younger than me did something to me that really made me mad.  Funny how I don't even remember what it was now.  At that time, I had decided to let it go for the time being and get back at her when she was not expecting it.  (Luckily lots has changed over the past 35 yrs or so.)  A week later, I decided to get my revenge on her, and I changed her digital clock so that it was off by several hours.  I was so proud of my "clever" move and it felt good.  HOWEVER, as soon as she realized what I did, it no longer felt good.  She decided to instantly get revenge on me and she took her clarinet while it was still in the case and she smashed my head open with it and I ended up in a fountain of blood getting stitches. not worth it as I LOVE my brain cells!  And so not worth it for her either because she had years of guilt over it.

Divorce is another situation which causes lots of people to jump to revenge. I know some people who have been emotionally "stuck" in their divorce for decades and honestly -- there is no reason for that and feeling bitterness, anger, and the need for revenge only hurt your own body, mind and soul.  My divorce lawyer said that my divorce was the easiest divorce she had ever done, and she said she had never seen anything like it.  Many people emailed me saying "he should buy you a house", "he should get you an animal sanctuary" and more......and I just had NO interest in fighting over anything.  Reading other people's emails felt toxic to me.  I just wanted a simple, peaceful divorce so that I could get on with my life, and that is what we created.  I simply went into surrender and trust and it felt SO empowering and freeing.   I may have lost my warm and fuzzy feelings for my ex, but I don't want revenge on him. That does not make me feel good.  Instead, I actually offered to shift some of his emotions that were troublesome for him. 

Being that I do healing work and I have lots of "tools," it was quite easy for me to let it all go, and move on.  I am so excited about having my own space again, and I love my new home.  The backyard feels like paradise to me and while I am still moving in, this is a glimpse of my healing room and I am SO excited for my new chapter in my life. Honestly -- I bet that I would not have landed where I am now had I chose the "revenge" method.  Revenge lowers your frequency and effects your health and it keeps you stuck in the gutter like the Montagues and the Capulets which blocks many great things from coming your way.  So why sign up for that?  

I prefer to sign up for focusing on all the fabulous places that I am going!  THAT sounds exciting and fun!

So if you are wanting revenge in any way which only takes away your power, take a deep breath and really think about what the higher road would be?  You will feel SO much better, so much lighter and magical things (like your new awesome neighbors mowing your lawn for you) will start falling on your lap.  Reclaim you power and focus on where YOU are going and let karma take care of the rest!  

Newsletter #46


Shifting Condemnation to Acceptance !

When we condemn others, that is a form of judgement which actually blocks us from raising our own frequency and it doesn't feel good to the other person which also lowers their vibration.  I would call that a lose-lose situation.  ANY form of judgement places us in a state of psychological reversal which blocks us from being able to make shifts that we choose to make.  For those of us who tap -- THAT is why we do the starter statement on the sore spot or the karate chop point because those two points in Chinese medicine shift that judgmental energy to acceptance.  When we are resonant with acceptance, we are able to shift our "stuff" for the better with ease.

Condemnation/judgement used to be my "biggie!"  I felt SO strong about protecting the environment, animals, my own health and etc.  It truly broke my heart to see others doing things that I could NEVER do.  I honestly still can't comprehend the choices that others make, but I have to simply allow others to make their own choices and hope that I can shift things by example.

And lets face it -- when someone condemns or judges us, it does NOT make us want to hang around that person so it's not helpful to be on any side of it.

A better approach is to be in a state of discernment.  We can acknowledging that others area doing X which does NOT resonant with us and we can simply choose to go another path or to possibly encourage them to path Y in a healthy way.

For instance, I honestly do not like cigarette smoke at all.  That is simply a truth.  It really upsets me when I am forced to breathe toxic air because others choose to smoke.

Back in my "early days" I would go up to people and say "I would really appreciate it if you didn't force me to breathe your cancer smoke" or something to that effect. Clearly, my results with others were NOT so good!  They thought I was a bitch and I didn't like the fact that they were destroying my access to clean air.  Not the highest frequency on the planet for either of us........luckily over time, I came upon a NEW approach!

I remember seeing these two gorgeous teen-age girls committing slow term suicide with their cigarettes which honestly is SO sad to me.  I went over to them and I said something like "I just don't understand -- you are SO beautiful and you have SO much going for you.  You are young and healthy and you can do whatever you want. Why do you choose to hurt yourself?"

Instead of getting mad at me, the one girl was SOOO happy to be called beautiful. She was crazy gorgeous and you would think that she knew it, but she was overjoyed that I referred to her as beautiful.  She started saying how sweet I was and etc and how I made her day.  Long story short, she totally put her cigarette out and trust me -- she was in an empowered state at that moment.  I can't say I had the same effect on her friend, but they both appreciated the beauty comment for sure and we all left being in a higher frequency.  

Another time I came across a guy who I honestly did not remember.  He said something like,  "It's all because of you.  I have been smoke free for six months now, and it never would have happened if you didn't approach me on W84th St." 

He was SO grateful for all I said to him six months ago, and I was SOOOO grateful for his decision which clearly benefits him and all of those around him.  HE ended up making MY day!  

So I wonder how many others that I offended in the past could be smoke free now instead?  It doesn't really matter -- the thing that really counts is that I am much more aware of how to influence others without stepping into the vibration of condemnation.  

I can't say I am perfect on this front and I still "mess up" from time to time, but I have shifted lots from decades ago and I have experienced some awesome results with that shift which TOTALLY enhances my own frequency!

Anyone else have some cool stories?

Newsletter #45


Clearing Criticism!

Continuing off of Newsletter #44 I am going to simply go down the list of the seven deadly poisons to criticism, which ironically is the FIRST one that showed up in my transformation circle that I recently did in NH.  

Criticism is a two way street!  When we are not able to receive one's constructive criticism and we take it personally, that is really about us and our own personal trigger that is wanting to be healed/transformed.  However, when someone intentionally criticizes us in a harmful way, that not only hurts us, but also them.  So if we ever catch ourselves in anger or frustration which results in us criticizing others in an unhealthy way, we will want to shift that because it simply is SO much better for everyone if we choose to build each other up in an HONEST, supportive way.  That raises their frequency as well as ours and it creates not only healthy chemicals being released in our bodies which benefits our immune systems, but it also creates a GREAT energy between everyone involved. 

This is reminding me of several years ago when one NY Times critic inappropriately criticized NYC Ballet dancer, Jenifer Ringer during a Nutcracker review.  He wrote that it looked like she had eaten one too many sugar plums.  Clearly, this is only rude and offensive which serves no one, and it REALLY makes HIM look bad -- not her. This rude insult actually turned into a positive when SOOO many people wrote to the NY Times and expressed their truth (how much they LOVE Jenifer's dancing) and how appalled they were with his unprofessional review.   His rude criticism of her got her on the Oprah show, and it makes me SO happy when people stand up and do the right thing!  LOVE that! 

Sadly, one of the most common forms of criticism experienced is self-criticism.  This 99.9% of the time takes us back to our childhood when we heard that we weren't good enough, not smart enough, not cute enough and many other things.  We simply weren't able as a kid to have strong healthy boundaries, and to know that it wasn't true.  Sadly, when kids here these things they REALLY absorb it (even though false) and they continue to feed this crap to themselves even as adults and it's not benefitting anyone .  Anytime someone criticizes us in a hurtful -- it's all about them! So maintain your healthy boundaries and stay grounded in YOUR truth -- not the poor behavior of others.  Who cares what they think!  

So let's choose to shift to love and acceptance of ourselves and others, and know that we are all perfectly imperfect no matter what! 

Some great quotes from others!

1)  (Constructive) "Criticism may not be agreeable, but it is necessary.  It fulfills the same function as pain in the human body.  It calls attention to an unhealthy state of things."  -- Winston Churchill

2)  "Criticism, like rain, should be gentle enough to nourish a man's growth without destroying his roots."  -- Frank Clark

3)  "Do what you feel in your heart to be right.  For you'll be criticized anyway.  You'll be damned if you do, and damned if you don't."  -- Eleanor Roosevelt

4)  Learn to see the difference between constructive and destructive criticism.  Appreciate the constructive, ignore the destructive. -- John Douglas

5)  "Those who (constructively) criticize you directly for your faults are your friends, not those who appear nice even when you're wrong." -- Dezhung Rinponche

6)  "When you are not attached to praise or criticism, an interesting FREEDOM is yours." -- Kute Blackson

Newsletter #44

7 Poisons to Transform

This past Wednesday AM my life suddenly went on a new path as I was introduced to a program called The PTSD Project which is looking for "healing coaches" to be trained in a new modality called neurokinesis.  They are doing a 90 day study in hopes that insurance companies will support holistic approaches that are getting huge results since therapy has been ineffective for PTSD clients.  Earlier that Wednesday morning I was in conversation with John who I first met at one of my circles.  He is a life/biz coach and he was talking about what he calls the "7 deadly poisons," which are:

1)  Complaining

2)  Criticizing

3)  Condemning

4)  Resentment

5)  Resistance

6)  Revenge

7) Sarcasm

Having come from this conversation and jumping into HOURS of training videos the past four days, I could witness these 7 poisons popping up from the speaker who was training us (as amazing as she is) to trainees in the audience and etc.  It is simply a very human, common thing that we all catch ourselves doing on some level, but it sure is not serving us as we are no longer attractive and magnetic to others. We injure all of our relationships with others, our business, and our health and well-being as these "seven" certainly do not even feel good inside and lead to unpleasant physical manifestations in time.  In the work that I do, I truly shift/transform these things on a cellular level, but being that I am communicating via email, I will only address the mental level (awareness) unless of course you know how to tap out these 7 poisons in a healthy way and come up with a creative empowering solution.


In this newsletter, I will start with the first poison, complaining.  We have all witnessed other people complaining about their life even when they know that they are only creating a stronger signal to the Universe saying "give me more of what I don't like."  And at the same time, we probably don't notice our own complaints as much because they feel "legit" to us just as they do to other people who drive us crazy with their complaining and negativity.  The real truth is that any time we are complaining in an unhealthy way, we are sitting in victim consciousness which keeps us psychologically reversed.  Psychological reversal keeps us stuck where we are as it prevents transformation, healing, shifts, and miracles from taking place in our lives even if we want it on a conscious level.  

A better solution is to take personal responsibility for whatever is showing up (if applicable), see the situation as an opportunity to grow and spiral up (we DO have choice) or be in a space of accepting the current situation which you honestly acknowledge without a complaining energy.  That energy of acceptance with positive action will lead to a much quicker solution to whatever you are complaining about.

As Eckart Tolle said, "When you complain, you make yourself a victim.  Leave the situation, change the situation or accept it.  All else is madness."

I also love William Ward's quote, "The pessimist complains about the wind.  The optimist expects it to change.  The realist adjusts the sail."

And a final quote from Maya Angelou, "If you don't like something, change it.  If you can't change it, change your attitude.  Don't complain."

So lets forgive ourselves for our past complaints and move forward making the most out of all that we experience free of complaints and see how things shift for us.  In two weeks we will address criticizing others and ourselves and continue forward until we make our way down all 7 on the list!


Newsletter #43

Making Room for the New!

Making Room...

As you all know -- I am in the process of moving to Concord MA and it feels exciting! I am SO wanting to live a simple life where I can go deep, so I have been in preparation/organizing mode for quite a while.  I am letting go of things that I NEVER thought I would ever part with, and it feels great.  For instance -- I am letting go of my Steinway baby grand piano!  (Yes, that was not a typo!)  I LOVE my piano and I loved my former life with her, AND I also LOVE my current life in the healing world.  I have no sadness about letting her go -- she is awesome, she sounds AMAZING and we have lots of great memories that will live forever in my heart.  I want to make room for my new life (energetically and physically) and having a great electric keyboard that never needs to be tuned, that will be totally happy whether the humidity is at 45 or not feels VERY freeing and full of ease.  I also am letting go of my collection of Broadway posters from every show I have ever played since 1994 because they are in my heart as well, and I really don't need them plastered on a secret hidden private wall anymore.  Things that I thought I NEVER would let go of, are being released with ease and it feels awesome!  Living simply is always a GREAT, free feeling! has been very helpful as well!  You can find a happy home for your Sony mini-disk player, cello music, worm farm and more within minutes, and they come to you and pick it up with a huge thank you when I am thinking "thank YOU!"

For the New...

Well, I am sure more "new" will cross my path as my move is complete, but my intention is to create a simple zen like environment in my future home that is as earth friendly as possible (I am going 100% solar off the grid) so that it feels happy and inviting.  Letting go of that oil tank is going to feel GREAT!  Mother Earth agrees as well!  I am looking forward to my new home, new neighbors, new people in my life, new furniture and new beginnings!  Bring it on!

Even if you aren't making a "move" -- we are constantly evolving, changing and growing so just keep an eye out to make sure that your friends are still in alignment with the "new or current" you and that the energy in your home reflects who you are now as environment is huge as our broccoli knows from Newsletter #6!

Newsletter #42

Fear or Faith/Trust?

This past week LOTS of "coincidences" regarding others having to make decisions based on fear or faith have showed up around me which totally coincides with all that I am listening to in "Energy Anatomy" by Carolyn Myss.

It's really all about HOW you make that decision rather than what choice you make. For instance, let's pretend that you really want to make decision X rather than decision Y.   Decision X touches your heart and and makes you SO happy, but decision Y feels like the "smart" thing to do because it's "safe" and "secure," and it's also what the masses feel is best for you. 

I see this a lot actually!  People are on a GREAT path and going strong and then all the sudden they choose to revert to a space of lack/fear/doubt saying "I can't afford it" or "I can't do this" even though their heart is screaming YES, go for it!   As soon as they make the choice based on what they perceive as "safety" they just chose to block all the great possibilities that were currently lined up for them, as they just recreated a magnet for the opposite of what they really desire.  Sadly, there is no "security" in making the "secure" decision IF it's not lined up with your heart and passion as well.

In my current divorce, my lawyer would say things to me (because that's her job) like "There is no safety in this.  This could be taken away from you in a second."  

I could have chosen to go down that fear path, but instead I am simply feeling SO strongly that all is SO perfect and I am simply grateful for it all because my marriage got me where I am now even if I thought I would NEVER leave NYC at the time, so I am just not worried about it at all.  I simply said "If that were to happen, then I would be curious as to what the even better situation for me would be.  Just let me know when I can sign the papers."

Her response was "got it" and she also said that this was the easiest divorce she ever did in her life.

So being that I just closed on my new home which I LOVE on the 15th, I was blown away by how I have the GREATEST neighbors!  I first met Chris who lives on the cul de sac with me as I drove into my driveway for the first time, and he said something like "You must be my new neighbor.  Welcome to the neighborhood.  We have a GREAT street that we live on.  Everyone knows each other and everyone is so supportive to each other.  If you ever need anything, just knock on my door."  He also told me that since I live in front of a river with strict conservation rules that if I let the grass grow wild I will need to keep all the land wild due to their rules.  

As a result, I was planning on bringing my electric lawn mower soon so I can access the river with ease.  On the 16th I looked out the window and some guy was mowing the lawn for me to my surprise.  I went down to introduce myself and said "Hi, you must be my neighbor?"  He said something like "Yes, my name is Jerry and I thought I would help you out by mowing your lawn for you."

Seriously?  These are just simple examples to how the world can respond to us depending on what space/frequency we are vibrating.  

My main point is that there are NO wrong decisions!  It's all perfect -- it's simply a matter of really being conscious of what is motivating your decision.  Is the motivation behind it excitement and happiness or is it fear, lack, or worry because it's the energy behind your choices that determine the quality of your choice more so than the choice itself. 

To quote Carolyn Myss, she said something like "When you say 'I have no idea why I chose this,' you are trusting your gut instinct and the better it's going to work out because you are motivated by faith and guidance."

I can say that when I made decisions where I followed my heart and others thought I was crazy and "had no fear" as Bob always tells me  -- THAT is when all the magic happens and things always fall on my lap with ease and grace!

So go "inner" and see what is really motivating you.  Is it love or fear based?  YOU get to CHOOSE!

Newsletter #41

Tribal -- Schmibal!

Today's subject is deeply influenced by a session I did with someone today who was not able to see clearly in one of his eyes.  40% of the vision in that eye was pure blackness.  Doctors are leaning towards surgery, but they can't guarantee him any success.  Being that it was his left eye, I automatically knew that it had to do with generational patterns on his mother's side.  We started out clearing obvious things like it is not OK nor safe to see the truth.  It's not OK nor safe to look at the past, present and future with clarity.  Its too painful to see the truth.  I can't handle seeing the truth.  Etc....Any time there is a fear or safety issue I always like to address the pericardium.  As we were communicating with his pericardium -- lots of tribal rules were coming out of my mouth one after another such as:

1)  It's not safe to see things and have your own perspective -- you will get kicked out of the tribe which could result in starvation, or freezing to death etc..  

2)  The tribe decides what the "truth" is.  

3)  I don't have permission to see differently than the tribe.

ETC......much more came out........

What I clearly remember is that person X went through LOTS of pain in his nose and forehead as these patterns were getting stuck and were not releasing with ease.  His vision actually got worse for a bit.  We supported the pain with more tapping, essential oils, open ended questions, Matrix Energetics, and connection with his Whole Body Wisdom.  Within minutes all the pain was cleared AND his vision was steps better and his right eye was back to normal.

Because tribal issues were a big part of what we cleared today I want to write more about this because LOTS of people are trapped and held back by tribal programs and rules without their awareness.  Caroline Myss actually talks A LOT about this in "Energy Anatomy."

For instance anytime someone forgoes living their passion because they "have to" do what their parents or society says they need to do in order to be respectful  -- THAT is being loyal to a tribal rule/program rather than being loyal to your own heart. Any time someone is concerned with what others think of them -- that is really fear of not being accepted by the tribe as the tribe does NOT like uniqueness.  Only conformity is "safe."  Anytime someone feels that they "have to" do X at this age, and Y at this age -- these are silly tribal rules that are being obeyed either consciously or not.  When one lives their life with the energy of "I have to defend blood no matter what" -- that is a tribal rule/program as they are not defending what is right in their heart.  Religions LOVE to create tribal rules such as "we are the chosen one" or "only we will go to heaven -- others will go to hell."  These are silly tribal programs but because they are so deeply imbedded in our DNA generation after generation -- people buy into them with ease -- many times unconsciously.  EVERYONE is open to seeing the real truth that all humans are ALL from the same source no matter where we are on the planet.  In the big picture of truth -- we are all equal.  It is our CHOICE to stay in the tribe with the limiting rules/programs or not.  So X's eye issue is a huge blessing because it is a sign saying that he is READY to leave the tribe.  His soul WANTS to leave these tribal limitations, he wants to be FREE to live in a much more expanded, healthy, happy, empowered way -- otherwise I believe his eyes would be fine -- that's my perspective.  His eyes are simply saying "Hey, pay attention to me -- I choose to shift now."

When you agree to be a a slave to your tribal programs/rules that you were born into -- you can only heal and transform at the slow rate of the consciousness of your tribe members.  When you give yourself permission to leave the tribe and soar like an eagle over ANY city or sea at YOUR pace  -- THAT is true empowerment and in that space SOOOOOO much is possible because you don't have to wait for others to "get you"  and you DON'T need their permission -- you are free to transform NOW and do as you please!  Bring it on!

Just to clarify -- I am not recommending that people stay away from community.  The first chakra likes community -- it likes a HEALTHY, supportive, loving community that follows the "real rules" such as "I am love and light and its my birthright to be free to be ME."

And hopefully as many of us burst through these human tribal glass ceilings and do things that "aren't possible" and heal things that "aren't possible" -- we will inspire others to break free as well!

What would it LOOK (pun intended) like if we gave ourselves permission to break free from the rules, follow our hearts and live in integrity with ourselves, and stand up for what is RIGHT without feeling apologetic?

I bet the hospitals would have no patients, and I bet the word jail would vanish from the dictionary.

So I invite everyone to bring to awareness any tribal rules they are unconsciously obeying.  The more of us that break free will in time create the 100th monkey effect. AND..... these monkeys will NOT have their eyes, ears or mouths covered.  They will be FREE to see the truth, hear the truth AND speak the truth.  These monkeys will be flying high in JOY!

I, Tara Chambers choose to fly crazy high with the monkeys!  Hey Hey for the Monkeys!

Newsletter #40


I have to say that I am LOVING it up here in New England even though 3 yrs ago I NEVER would have guessed that I would be up here.  I magically came across someone who I will call "S" and I feel like she is a new soul sister of mine as we totally speak the same language.  I LOVE meeting people from my soul pod up here!  

She introduced me to the movie Thrive via this link  I watched it that night and I LOVED it.  I really want the whole world to see it because it shows the REAL truth.  There ARE other possibilities for us, we ARE powerful even if there is "stuff" going on AND there IS power in knowing the real truth even if many don't want to see the real truth. (Now, I know we can always question the word "truth" based on the perspective that we are only seeing 3% of the truth in the 3rd dimension so...........I am referring to the truth within the 3%.)  

The narrator in THRIVE says that too many things were not lining up in his research to discover why the planet/humanity was not thriving as there is lots of suffering, and struggle that people are experiencing.  Clearly he was not one of those who was willing to say "OK, I believe whatever you tell me."  He said that in order to find the real truth he had to follow the money.  While it can be depressing to see the corruption, lack in integrity and authenticity in our government or banking system, the part that he wants us to focus on is that we hold SOOOO much more light in our sheer volume.   While the small percentage of people with power are not doing great things with that power, we DO have a much stronger force called light and empowerment which comes from love/command rather than fear and force.  I guess that takes us back to the dismantling of Darth Vader in Star Wars!  

I will let the movie speak for itself, but I will also say that it is also up to us to do our part (raise our frequency, consciousness etc) so that we support the creation of this utopia world of free sustainable energy, peace, integrity that this movie wants us to THRIVE in.   It IS possible and it is also choice of the mass consciousness.  As a matter of fact "S" also referred me to the Telos books (I am on the 2nd one now), and it has a similar message and it says that while there are lots of people striving to raise their vibration which is necessary to receive this upcoming 5th dimension, there is also a lot of complacency which is not helping things change for the better.  So we CAN do things to support Earth such as respecting her trees, water, oil, animals as well as ourselves and others.  (We need to first start with ourselves!)  Telos tells us how the trees are Earth's lungs, oil is her blood, and more and when we don't respect her -- she is forced to lash out with weather conditions to balance out her own energy.  If people don't respect our own lungs and bodies -- how are we supposed to have global respect the trees and more?  Hint hint.............

I HIGHLY recommend the Telos books and TOTALLY appreciate the awareness these books are bringing to the planet so please help me spread the word!

Newsletter #39

Get Out the Pen!

Today's newsletter is inspired by both Teal Swan's video that she emailed today called "how to use your intuition" as well as a friend of mine, Tera, who told me that she is able to simply ask the Universe questions and allow her pen to create wisdom on the page.  When Tera read me her questions that she had written down followed by the answers that she also wrote -- all I can say is WOW.  It was as if some 100 yr old guru in amazing health with all the answers to life wrote it down for her.  I was so impressed and suggested that she turn this collection of gold/wisdom into a book.

I decided to "copy" her, and write down questions to the Universe and just allow my hand to write whatever it writes.  Some days feel more powerful than others, but it IS amazing and you will be surprised what shows up.  I invite Fields 101 and 105 and use Sacred Frankincense oil to support this process, but you don't have to use these tools.  You can simply be quiet, go within, allow and receive..........Using your non-dominant hand may be more powerful even if looks sloppy as it gets you out of your head!  Some people can refer to this as channeling from the Universe or Teal Swan in her video talks about asking yourself questions to access what your inner voice is saying.  


Inner Voice, Higher Self, Connecting to Source.............they all mush into one fancy soup called "the same thing" to me.  (I'm not  sure if that is accurate or not, but they at least all blend into each other on some level!)  For instance, when I write down a question and allow my pen to write freely, I honestly can't tell you if I am receiving info from my higher self or guides,  channeling from Source or just making it up (never the case actually), BUT it really doesn't matter where the wisdom comes from, and we honestly don't really need to know.  

And the cool thing is -- you can't mess up!  Just go for it, and if nothing happens -- who loss......and if suddenly one day all these thoughts come flooding into your pen........sweet.  All I can say is that I DO truly believe that the more you do this, the more you open up your intuition and connection to your inner self and there is REAL power there!  So........give it a shot!  I can say that it has TOTALLY gotten me inspired and excited at times as I can start to see things from a perspective that I wasn't seeing before I got out the pen, and who doesn't want more clarity, inspiration or excitement?

If you want to check out Teal Swans video called how to use your intuition, here it is: